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The 41st Artillery Regiment was formed Aug. 26, 1918, at Fort Monroe, Virginia. On Jan. 15, 1921, the unit was demobilized and the colors were transferred to the Pacific Theater, where the 41st Artillery was re-constituted as the Hawaiian Railway Battalion. On July 1, 1924, the unit was re-designated as the 41st Coast Artillery and remained in Hawaii until its deactivation on June 30, 1931.

On April 21, 1942, the 41st Coast Artillery was re-activated, this time at Fort Hase, Hawaii, where it served until May 25, 1944. It was awarded the Asiatic Pacific Streamer for its role in World War II. At that time, it was retired from the rolls of the regular Army and incorporated into the Hawaiian Department.

On June 28, 1950, Headquarters Battery, 41st Coast Artillery was re-constituted as Headquarters and Headquarters Battery, 41st Field Artillery Group and was later activated Jan. 18, 1952, at Fort Sill, Oklahoma.

In April 1967, the 41st Field Artillery Group deployed to the Republic of Vietnam, where it earned nine campaign streamers. On Nov. 15, 1969, the group was inactivated and its colors returned to the United States.

On March 15, 1972, the 41st Field Artillery Group was re-activated in Babenhausen, West Germany. The unit was re-designated as the 41st Field Artillery Brigade on June 16, 1982, and assigned to V Corps Artillery. On Sept. 1, 1986, the brigade was authorized the distinctive unit designation "Railgunners" in honor of its origin in the railway coast artillery.

In 1999, the brigade deployed from Germany to Albania as part of Task Force Hawk. In 2003, the brigade deployed with V Corps to Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Following its service in Iraq, the unit was inactivated July 15, 2005.

The 41st Fires Brigade was re-activated at Fort Hood, Texas, April 16, 2007, taking over the units of the inactivated 4th Fires Brigade. One year later, the 41st Fires Brigade deployed again to the Wasit Province of Iraq where it provided security and stabilization to the people of Iraq for 14 months.                          

In 2014, the Army changed the name of the brigade back to 41st Field Artillery Brigade. On April 1, 2015, 41st Field Artillery Brigade was inactivated and its colors cased.