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41st Field Artillery Brigade News

NEWS | Nov. 4, 2019

Railgunner Thunder

41st Field Artillery Brigade

DVIDS - News - Railgunner Thunder

“This exercise is essential for us because it allows us to build our systems and processes as well as create a TACSOP (Tactical Standard Operating Procedures),” said Maj. Matthew Kabat, the brigade S3 operations officer for the 41st FAB. “We have got to create it (the TACSOP), exercise it, and refine it, so that we are providing the right product to the right people at the right time.”
Railgunner Thunder is a simulation that allows Soldiers to experience real-world scenarios and trains them how to react during combat operations.
“The purpose is to increase the capability of the brigade to manage its system and build that readiness,” said Maj. Travis Hertein, the brigade executive officer for the 41st FAB. “It’s our first chance to put the stress on our systems and on our people to see how we manage and where we need to improve.”
Railgunner Thunder promotes ally and partner cohesion through the experience it provides to the Soldiers participating in the exercise.
“It indirectly improves interoperability because as our capability grows, our ability to work cohesively with our multinational partners will also grow,” said Hertein. “We are creating opportunities for ourselves to fix systems, build processes and ensure that our team has the best training available so that when the time comes we are ready to support the commander in whatever capacity necessary.”
The simulation replicates scenarios that are likely to happen in a real-world situation which enhances the combat readiness of 41st FAB by providing experience in a controlled training environment.
“We have three firing battalions that directly work for the brigade in this simulation. We are also responsible for supporting and recommending how the divarty (division artillery) employs their forces in all three divisions across the front,” said Kabat.
Railgunner Thunder provides a stepping stone for 41st FAB to prepare for future exercises and operations, ensuring their training continues to improve.
“I think this is a great opportunity for us to get out here and train, it’s a validation exercise and it will be a really important step as we build toward our training progression to reach Defender 20,” said Hertein.
Exercises like Railgunner Thunder are designed to enhance readiness and improve lethality, enhancing the units’ mission capability and operational preparedness.
“We fully anticipate that we will continue to grow as an organization and we look forward to using further exercises like this to help us define and refine our systems and procedures to ensure we are ready to fight,” said Kabat. “We will continue to train however we need in order to promote readiness and the brigades’ mission.”

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