Book Travel & Lodging

Book Travel & Lodging



Temporary Lodging Reservations

Your family must make reservations for 2 types of temporary lodging when getting ready to PCS overseas:

  • OCONUS lodging in Grafenwoehr (TLA)
  • CONUS lodging prior to departing (TLE)

Outside the Continental U.S. (OCONUS) Lodging

On-post lodging at Army Lodging Grafenwoehr books up fast! You can make reservations without PCS Orders up to 6 months in advance. Because on-post lodging is limited, most families will stay in off-post local hotels.

Sponsors can make initial reservation on your behalf, but your family must provide credit card information to Army Lodging or local hotel to secure the reservation. Book your room for 35-45 days.

Continental U.S. (CONUS) Lodging

If you’re traveling from the U.S., don’t forget to book stateside lodging. You’ll get reimbursed for 5 days of temporary lodging in government quarters based on your per diem rate. Try to plan your move-out date so you avoid paying out of pocket for additional nights in a hotel.

Learn about financial assistance and travel allowances for details.

Flight Reservations (Concurrent Travel)

Soldiers can book family’s flight if the below criteria are met, otherwise Soldier will head to Germany and dependents will travel within 60 days (if not possible, get orders amended to “deferred travel” ASAP).

  • Dependents are Command Sponsored.
  • Dependents have No-Fee Passport.
  • Family housing is available overseas.
  • If you’re traveling with children, be sure to ask your transportation coordinator on post (or commercial airline) about which kind of items can be carried onto the plane, such as strollers, pack-n-plays, and car seats.

NOTE ABOUT ARRIVAL: Most flights arrive in Ramstein, and from there you will have a free shuttle to Grafenwoehr.

NOTE ABOUT PETS: Remember that arranging and paying for pet travel is your responsibility. Pet travel expenses are not reimbursed. Learn more about PCSing with pets.

Definitely bring snacks on your flight, and also bring:

  • Medical, dental, and school records.
  • Important family documents, esp. birth & marriage.
  • Pet documentation, pet food and supplies.
  • Contact info for your overseas sponsor, hotel, etc.
  • International adapters (great for overseas layovers).
  • Kids favorite PJs, clothes, toys, games, books.


Army Lodging Grafenwoehr

Guest Services:

  • Queen beds
  • Queen pullout couches
  • Cable TV
  • High speed internet access: free Wi-Fi throughout the hotel
  • Refrigerator, microwave and coffee maker
  • Built-in kitchen

Pets are welcome at Grafenwoehr Lodging. Cost $3 per day per pet. There is an additional one-time, non refundable deep cleaning fee of $50. No more than two dogs or two cats, or a combination thereof, are allowed. Be sure to contact the hotel for more information.

Make a reservation ASAP - even WITHOUT orders

  • Who: Soldier, Soldier’s sponsor, or spouse can make a reservation (credit card info needed on file to confirm reservation).
  • What: To make your reservation email the Inn with Soldier’s name, arrival date, number of people, ages and number of kids (if any), pets (if any), and contact info.
  • When: Make reservations up to 6 months in advance without PCS Orders (orders needed at check in). The Inn recommends making reservations for 45 days. Most families stay in a hotel for 30-35 days before moving into a home.
  • How much: Soldiers will not need to submit paperwork for reimbursement of simple hotel fees because you are staying in government lodging on post and will not be billed. However you are responsible for paying pet or other fees incurred.



Off-Post Lodging Overseas

Off-Post Lodging near Tower Barracks

Most families will need to book overseas lodging at a local hotel due to limited space at Army Lodging. The following hotels are recommended by Army Lodging, and remember to keep in mind:

  • Reserve your room for at least 45 days
  • Book a room at or below your TLA rate so you don’t pay any money out of pocket
  • Hotel pet fees are not reimbursable
  • For a complete list, call or visit Army Lodging, Grafenwoehr


Hotel List Disclaimer

This listing does not imply endorsement of any particular location and is listed in alphabetical order. For additional information, please contact the hotel of your choice directly. Updated: September 2017