CYSS & School Registration

Child, Youth, and School Services (CYSS)

CYS Services provides childcare and development programs for children, youth, and teens that support health and fitness, youth development, instructional programs and school transitions and education. The focus of CYSS programming is to support military families and thereby help sustain mission readiness. Check out CYSS and their Parent Handbook.

Parent Central Services (PCS) at ACS

To initiate the CYSS registration process, log on to Webtrac, print and fill out registration forms, or visit PCS in Germany. To complete your registration, you must then set up an in-person appointment with PCS.

CYSS Registration Materials

  • ID card & PCS orders (or deployment orders)
  • Your Soldier’s Social Security Number
  • Parent/Guardian’s home and work contact info
  • Military & personal email addresses
  • Two local Emergency contacts (other than parents)
  • Immunization records
  • Proof of income (all working household members)
  • Childcare Fees form (5th grade & below)
  • Teen form (6th -12th grade)
  • Health Screening Tool/SNAP/MAPS
  • Health Assessment/Sports Physical

CYSS Childcare & Youth Centers

CYSS Childcare and Youth Centers offer daytime and after school care as well as weekend & summer activities.

  •  CDC (6 weeks-kindergarten) Villaggio & Ederle
  • Family Childcare (4 weeks-12 years) Villaggio
  • School Age Center (1st-5th grade) Villaggio
  • Youth Center (6th -12th grade) Villaggio
  • Teen Center (9th -12th grade) Caserma Ederle

CYSS Trips, Activities, & Classes

School Registration

DoDEA School Registration

You or your Soldier must visit the Registrar’s Office to complete the school registration process. Before you go, print and fill out the registration packet for the DoDEA Elementary School, Middle School, High School.

DoDEA School Registration Materials

  • ID
  • PCS Orders with family members’ names listed
  • Children’s birth certificates (Kinder & 1st grade only)
  • Children’s passports (high school students only)
  • Immunization records
  • Copy of previous school records
  • Copy of standardized test scores
  • DoDEA-600 Student Registration Form
  • DoDEA-600B & F4 ESL Forms
  • DoDEA-700 Consent Form
  • Request for School Records (from previous schools)
  • DoDEA 2942.0 -M-F1 Student Health Form
  • School Transportation Form

If applicable:

  • Copy of Individual Education Plan (IEP) & 504 Plan
  • Sports physical for athletic activities (6th -12th only)
  • Reduced Lunch Application (need Soldier’s pay stub)

CYSS School Liaison Officer (SLO)

SLO's are one of the BEST resources you can find when transitioning to a new school. SLOs can help with:

  • School transition assistance: Connect with SLO before and after you move. Visit, call, or email them at Parent Central Services inside ACS.
  • Link between schools, families, & command: SLOs are subject matter resource experts for grades K-12 and can help address educational issues and needs.
  • Homeschool support: SLOs offer info on federal and local policies & help families access CYSS resources.
  • Post-Secondary preparation and guidance

SLOs can also connect you with available educational resources, such as:

  • EFMP and developmental intervention resources
  • Child & Youth Behavioral Program led by MFLCs
  • Elementary and Adolescent Support Counselors
  • School Lunch Program
  • Student to Student Sponsorship

DOD & Home Schools

School Liaison Officers: If you have questions or are in need of support or guidance regarding any of these options, get in touch with a CYSS School Liaison Officer (SLO), a subject matter expert on local schooling options for grades K-12.

Connect with SLO for:

  • Local resources
  • Federal & local policies
  • Curriculum guidelines
  • Education Standards

Visit CYSS online and scroll down to Homeschooling for loads of info and resources from SLOs, like:

  • Grafenwoehr homeschool groups
  • Homeschooling in Germany
  • Participation in specific DoD School & CYSS programs
  • Curriculum resources