General Information

General Information


Germany Tour Length Policy

In accordance with ALARACT 042/2019 - Change to overseas tour lengths for certain locations in Europe and Japan:

Unaccompanied tour lengths (24 months) for Soldiers assigned to locations in Europe and Japan will increase to 36 months.

All first-term and career Soldiers who have no dependents, are not married to other service members, and are on a PCS orders serve a 36 month tour.



5 Things to Get Started on Right Away

  1. Command Sponsorship. Ensure dependents are eligible for a fully-funded move overseas.
  2. Passports & Visas. Learn which travel documents are required before PCSing overseas.
  3. Hotel Reservations. On-post lodging is in short supply. Don’t wait for orders to reserve lodging!
  4. Overseas P.O. Box. Keep up-to-date with your mail by setting up your P.O. Box ahead of time.
  5. CYSS & School Registration. Be ahead of the class and start your CYSS and school packets now.



5 Things to Keep in Mind

  1. Storing & Shipping HHG. Learn to split your HHG into various shipments to get settled in sooner.
  2. Driving Overseas. Know what to expect when shipping your POV overseas.
  3. Electricity Overseas. Stay current on German vs. U.S. electricity.
  4. Traveling with Pets. Moving pets overseas is at your own expense, but we can help prepare you.
  5. Cell Phones & Staying in Touch. Learn about cell phones & staying in touch while overseas.