Pet Care

Pet Care

Veterinary Treatment Facilities (VTFs)

The primary mission of the Vilseck and Hohenfels Veterinary Treatment Facilities is that of food inspection, not civilian pet care.

“Veterinary food inspectors and your veterinarian work daily to ensure you have a safe food supply on the Garrison. The veterinarian is also responsible for caring for the military working dogs that protect our safety,” said Capt. Caitlin P. Sullivan, Bavaria Branch Chief, Veterinary Services.

Once you arrive, your pet must be registered with the Veterinary Treatment Facility.

“All families should note that it is required to register pets with the on-post clinic regardless of whether or not they receive veterinary care on post,” said Sullivan.

The Bavaria VTFs, located in Bldg. 222 on Rose Barracks and Bldg. 746 on Hohenfels, No walk-in services at this time. Appointments must be scheduled over the phone or in person. Schedules are available two weeks before the start of the next month.

It is necessary to present a DOD ID or privilege card (DD Form 1137) to have access to on-post veterinary services, because eligibility for veterinary care is based on the owner’s eligibility to receive medical care.

When on-post treatment is unavailable, families can have their animal seen at a host nation veterinary clinic.

It is strongly recommended that clients develop a client-patient relationship with a local off-post veterinarian, as the VTF cannot provide overnight hospitalization or emergency care. Appointments are usually not available for acute medical conditions. More information on Pet Care, VTF contact information, and VTF locations are available here.