Ship Household Goods

Ship Household Goods


Unaccompanied Baggage (UB)

Average Arrival Time: 4 weeks

This is an air freight shipment. These are the smaller household electronics, appliances, and household goods you’ll want to bring with you so that you get them just as you move into your new home overseas. It takes about 4 weeks to ship your UB (and about 4 weeks to find housing if you are approved for private housing).

Consider packing these items in your UB:

Kitchen: Dishes, pots/pans, mixing bowls, casserole dish, cutting board, chopping knife, silverware, strainer, wine/beer opener, paper towels, Tupperware, cooking utensils, kitchen towels

Bath: Rugs, towels, washcloths, hand towels, workout towels, toilet paper, plastic/cloth shower curtains (even if not necessary because if you live in a place with an AC unit in a hallway, you can hang up the curtain in the doorway to keep the cool air inside the hall/bedrooms)

Bed: Pillows, sheets, mattress cover, rugs, clothes, hangers

Other: Bicycle (a must for getting around easily) and gear, dual voltage electronics (e.g. smaller TV & DVD player)

Pro Gear: Specialty books, uniforms, and equipment (Pro Gear doesn’t count against weight allowance)

As part of UB weight allowance, you may also be able to mail items to your overseas P.O. Box. Soldier may be reimbursed for the cost of mailing smaller items to new duty station in advance of your arrival. Check with your transportation office.

Household Goods (HHG)

Average Arrival Time: 8 weeks

HHG includes the remainder of all your household goods and is the biggest shipment that your family will have. Your HHG will get shipped on an ocean barge.

Be sure to:

  • Be specific on your inventory forms. If it’s not listed specifically on your mover’s inventory form, it doesn’t exist. Create an inventory of all valuable household goods (include item, brand, model, serial number, etc.) prior to packing day. Provide your packer who will be filling out the inventory forms with your inventory sheet and explain that you want all your valuable items listed on the inventory prior to signing off on their sheet.
  • Take pictures and videos of HHG. State the day and date on your video or show the date on pictures.
  • Packing Day: Organize valuable items in one area and explain that all of those items must be listed on inventory sheets in order for you to sign off on your paperwork. List any damage done to your home or property during packing before signing paperwork.
  • HHG Insurance: Find out what coverage is provided by HHG, UB, and storage providers. Follow up with your insurer to ask about any additional coverage they recommend for your goods.

HHG Storage

Many German homes are larger than you would expect, and they typically have large basements. Also, if you have large 110v appliances, consider putting them in storage since you’ll be able to borrow any major appliances from the Army.

Weight Allowance

When you add the weights of all your shipped goods, the total must not exceed your Maximum Weight Allowance.

Pro Gear does not count against your weight allowance (Soldier: Up to 2,000 lbs; Spouse: Up to 500 lbs).

Confirm your weight allowance to avoid excess weight fees.

Paygrade Weight with dependents Weight without dependents
O-10 to O-6 18,000 18,000
O-5/W-5 17,500 16,000
O-4/W-4 17,000 14,000
O-3/W-3 14,500 13,000
O-2/W-2 13,500 12,500
O-1/W-1 and Academy Grads 12,000 10,000
E-9 15,000 13,000
E-8 14,000 12,000
E-7 13,000 11,000
E-6 11,000 8,000
E-5 9,000 7,000
E-3 to E-1 8,000 5,000
Aviation Cadets 8,000 7,000
Academy Cadets/Midshipmen N/A 350